White Scavenger Vulture Egyptian vulture

Egyptian vultures are the smallest of all vultures. They can reach up to 23 to 28 inches in length. They have a wingspan of 5.6 feet.

The Egyptian vulture was worshipped by the Pharaohs in Egypt because of its ability to remove garbage and remains of dead animals. For this reason, the Egyptian vulture is also known as the White Scavenger Vulture or Pharaoh’s Chicken.

Adult Egyptian vultures have yellow face without feathers and body covered with white or pale-grey plumage. Flight feathers are black. Young birds have darker plumage. They are usually brown or blackish-brown in colour.

Egyptian vultures have long and narrow yellow bill that ends with black tip.

They mostly feed on carcasses of dead birds and small mammals. They can also eat rotten fruits and vegetables. Rarely, they hunt weak and injured small animals.

They use stones to break the hard outer shell of its prey. Egyptian vulture is one of the rare bird species that is clever enough to use a ‘tool’ to get the food it wants.

Most Egyptian vultures migrate during the year. Birds that live in colder climate move toward Sahara during winter.